Prevention and control of epidemic situation starts with self-protection


2020 05 18


Personal prevention

◆ Minimize outdoor activities

◆ Wear masks when going out

◆ Maintain hand hygiene

◆ Take the initiative to do a good job of health monitoring, and take the initiative to measure body temperature when you feel feverish.

◆ In case of suspicious symptoms, take the initiative to wear a mask and seek medical treatment nearby in time

◆ Open windows frequently and ventilate frequently

◆ Family members do not share towels, keep household and tableware clean, and frequently dry clothes and quilts

 ◆ Do not spit everywhere, wrap nasal and oral secretions with tissue paper and discard them in a dustbin with a lid.

◆ Pay attention to nutrition and exercise moderately


Office space

◆ Staff should monitor their own health and do not go to work with illness.

◆ If suspicious symptoms of novel coronavirus infection are found, the staff should ask them to leave

◆ Public articles and public contact articles or parts shall be cleaned and disinfected regularly

◆ Keep the air circulation in the office. Ensure the normal operation of the air conditioning system or exhaust fan, regularly clean the air conditioning filter screen, and strengthen the ventilation by opening windows.

◆ Toilets shall be equipped with sufficient hand sanitizer to ensure normal operation of water supply facilities such as taps. ◆ Keep the environment clean and tidy and clean up the garbage in time


Take transportation

◆ If there are no suspicious symptoms before traveling, you can travel normally. In case of suspicious symptoms, it is recommended to rest at home and seek medical treatment on site, and leave after the symptoms disappear.

◆ After entering the station, make sure to wear masks.

◆ Actively cooperate with body temperature monitoring to shorten the waiting room stay time

◆ Try to sit at different positions, or sit separately.

◆ Leave the station as soon as possible after arriving at the destination

◆ It is recommended to wear gloves when driving.

◆ Keep travel ticket information properly for inquiry